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ION* For Gut Health - 32oz Bottle

ION* For Gut Health - 32oz Bottle

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Restore for Gut Health has updated its name and label.  Introducing ION* for Gut Health. The same great formula as Restore for Gut Health. 


ION*Gut Health is a gut-strengthening, brain-boosting mineral supplement sourced from 60-million-year-old soil that naturally supports microbiome balance. The active ingredient, Terrahydrite®, has been shown to support the integrity of tight junctions in the gut lining, even in the face of damage from toxins such as glyphosate.

ION*Gut Health goes beyond other supplements to support your wellbeing at a foundational level. By laying that foundation with ION*Gut Health, you aren’t just supplementing; you're supporting.

What is ION* Gut Health?

ION* Gut Health is a Terrahydrite mineral supplement that comes from the soil and has been scientifically proven to protect the gut wall against toxins. By helping to heal the gut wall, ION* helps to improve not only your gut bacteria but your overall health. A healthy gut flora works to restore and protect our physical and mental health.


Dr. Zach Bush & ION* Gut Health

ION* Gut Health was created by Zach Bush MD, who is one of the few trips board-certified physicians in the country. Dr. Bush’s mission is not only to provide groundbreaking science and information but also to truly shape and change the landscape and legislative structures of the health industry. He is working to transform the farming industry, the pharmaceutical industry, and Western medicine as a whole.


What is ION* Gut Health?

ION* Gut Health is a daily supplement derived from a mineral called Terrahydrite. The bottle contains purified water, the soil-based mineral supplement Terrahydrite, as well as trace soil amino acids, and minerals. The purified water is deionized reverse osmosis water, so the entire product is incredibly pure.


What ION* Gut Health Does:

ION*s one of a kind formula creates the ideal environment in the gut for the tight junctions (cell membrane) to heal. Leaky gut is caused by a loosening of these tight junctions, which may result in various health concerns. By strengthening the intestinal tissue, ION* helps maintain peak human health.

This daily supplement is designed to support the protection of the entire gastrointestinal (GI) tract against common toxins found in our food and environment, including  

  • Herbicides and pesticides in the food supply
  • Antibiotics are taken directly or as a bi-product through factory-farmed animal products
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) which go hand in hand with herbicides
  • Gluten and other allergenic foods

Rather than attempting to treat any specific disease or illness, ION* heals the body’s gateway: the gut. Until something penetrates your gut lining (and enters the bloodstream), it is in a way still outside your body. By helping to repair this gate (the tight junctions), your body is then able to strengthen the immune system and prevent illness, infection, and disease in the first place.

ION* is a truly unique supplement, there is nothing else like it available. Although other products on the market contain some of the same raw materials as ION*, many have been shown to cause significant levels of toxicity. Restore is scientifically proven to cause absolutely no toxicity in humans. It has the scientific backing and results of a pharmaceutical drug while having the low levels toxicity of a nutraceutical supplement.


Who ION*Gut Health is For

ION*’s gentle and natural approach helps heal your body’s internal firewall so that it can better protect yours from everyday stressors like toxins, pathogens, bacteria, and infections. By healing your gut, you support your immune system and preventatively protect your body from the many harmful impacts of daily life-- Restore is a supplement for everyone.

Common daily assaults on our body’s include:

  • Factory farming
  • Non-organic farming (herbicides and pesticides, especially Glyphosate)
  • Mono-crop farming (non-regenerative)
  • Widespread and over-use of antibiotics (taken directly or through our animal products)
  • Our tainted water supply (herbicides like Glyphosate have been infiltrating our tap water and even rainwater supplies)

Glyphosate alone is such a severe and widespread issue that literally anyone in the modern world can benefit from the protective and gut-healing properties of Restore.


What is Terrahydrite?

Terrahydrite is a mineral supplement that comes from the soil, made of Aqueous Humic Substances. Aqueous Humic Substances are not prebiotics or probiotics, but rather mineral amino acid complexes that are alkaline and carbon-rich.

Terrahydrite was discovered by scientists and physicians who were working together with a shared mission to improved overall health by healing and strengthening the gut lining. Restore’s Terrahydrite is a patented blend but is actually made of prehistoric substances.


Summary: Why Buy ION* Gut Health?

ION* Gut Health is a Terrahydrite-based mineral supplement that is scientifically-proven to promote healing of the guts' tight junctions, with absolutely no harmful side-effects. Given the harmful impacts of many modern-day realities (including air pollution, GMOs, antibiotics, and herbicides like Glyphosate) everyone can benefit from the gut healing and immune-boosting abilities of Restore. Restore’s proprietary blend is like nothing else on the market, and is revolutionizing our ability to truly heal the gut.


Ingredients: Purified water, Terrahydrite (Aqueous humic substances),
and less than 1% mineral amino acid complexes.

Other ingredients: Purified water.

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